When her toddler was diagnosed with Celiac in 2009, Lauren Stern worried that he would never know what it was like to eat a good cupcake, or to be able to take part in celebrations that would so often center around food.  She began to experiment with different alternatives: store-bought baked goods, specialty bakeries, and recipes she’d find in cookbooks that could easily accommodate gluten free substitutions.  Slowly she realized that there was a huge deficiency in gluten free offerings, and was inspired to create things not only for her son, but for the whole family to enjoy.  As she began tinkering with recipes, she found that her baked goods were stealing the show- at gatherings with family and friends, her desserts were eaten and praised. Afterward, they’d ask what her son was going to eat – there weren’t any gluten free desserts on the table.  She came to enjoy the look of surprise on their faces after she told them they’d just devoured a piece of gluten free cake.  The baking is fun, but that, by far, is her favorite part.  BossyCakes was born from a determination to provide desserts that are gluten free for those who need them, and delicious for everyone. 

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